Treasure Fleet
Treasure Fleet is a turn based strategy game set in the Age of Discovery, along the lines of Sid Meier's Colonization, Imperialism II or Conquest of the New World. You start with a small ship with colonists on board, and set off to discover new lands, establish lucrative colonies, trade with the natives and fight the enemies of your country.
The map is procedurally generated, each new game providing a unique experience. Terrain types, ranging from arctic to tropical, allows the production of different resources, with some locations featuring an abundance of them, making them prime locations for establishing colonies.
As you establish settlements, colonists or hired craftsmen can be brought in to work the land and generate trade goods that can be sold for profit in your home country. Build factories to increase the trade with the natives, or forts to secure your colonies. Mines and farms will improve the productivity of surrounding lands. Build roads to connect your inland colonies to ports and transport resources.
Explore terra incognita and visit native villages, explore ruins hidden in the wilderness and search for lost treasures, and ultimately discover the fabled El Dorado. Accomplish the missions given by your ruler for the interests of your home country.
As your country will get involved in wars with other European powers, or you come across hostile natives, you must prepare for the inevitable conflict. Defend your colonies and build up an army of professional soldiers. Expand your navy as new ship types become available for purchase, and watch out for the pirates that prey on the ships carrying the riches of the New World.
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